iOffload Solution

iOffload is an intelligent mobile data offloading solution that enables mobile operators to optimize the use of cellular and WiFi networks to improve user experience and generate new revenue streams and business cases.

Features Supported

  • Intelligent network selection strategy
  • Seamless authentication and access
  • Adaptive ANDSF configuration
  • Minimal integration requirements with mobile core
  • Performance dashboard and reporting

Operators Benefits

  • Solving cellular capacity crunch
  • Resolving cellular indoor coverage challenge
  • Enhancing the user experience
  • Cost-effective leveraging of WiFi POPs
  • Opening new revenue streams and business cases

Users Benefits

  • Improved QoE and reduced user churn
  • Seamless experience
  • Incentive pricing rates
  • Automatic discovery of WiFi hotspots
  • Manageable service settings

Current Development

A new age of data offloading with artificial intelligence

Aiming for Intelligentizing mobile data offloading in LTE/WiFi networks, we are working on using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning approach for developing an efficient offloading solution.  

AI Strategy for network discovery

Using AI strategy for WiFi network discovery, predicting the users mapped locations and helping in offloading decision.

LTE-WiFi Aggregation (LWA) for better user experience

In LWA architecture, both networks LTE and WiFi are integrated on RAN level-based scheme in which the LTE and WiFi RANs are connected through a new interface . Therefore, user’s traffic can be sent over both access networks, simultaneously, aggregating the capacity of LTE and WiFi links and thus improving the user’s quality of experience.

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