Access Network Discovery and Selection Function Testbed

Description of Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) Testbed

Generally, the ANDSF is used to provide UEs with useful information and operator defined policies  These information and policies are used by UEs to discover nearby wireless networks available (including non-3GPP networks such as WiFi networks), and to prioritize the available networks according to different parameters (e.g. time, location, traffic type, etc.). For network-based data offloading, the offloading decision should be provided to the UE by the network itself. Thus, the ANDSF is also responsible for providing the UEs by the offloading decisions that should be taken carefully at the network side (i.e. at the ANDSF itself in our case).

In order to apply the developed switching criteria and take the appropriate offloading decisions, the ANDSF should receive data measurements for UEs connected to the LTE network or WiFi network. In this ANDSF testbed, the ANDSF server is connected to the MCMT server to collect measurements from the UEs, LTE sites, and WiFi sites. The MCMT server filters these data for UEs that are under WiFi coverage and are able to be offloaded (i.e. UEs that have the developed ANDSF client installed), and sends theses data to the ANDSF in order to take the appropriate offloading decisions. Once the data offloading decisions are decided, the ANDSF sends these decisions to the UEs to switch their LTE/WiFi interfaces.