LTE/WiFi Aggregation Testbed

Description of RAN Level-Based LTE/WiFi Aggregation Testbed

RAN level integration between LTE and 3GPP operator-controlled WLAN is used with the objective to enable coordinated radio RAN Level-Based LTE/WiFi Offloading resource management between the LTE and the WLAN, in order to improve user experience and to provide operator more control for better access network utilization. 

LTE-WLAN Aggregation introduces user plane data aggregation where a user plane data radio bearer can be served by the LTE and/or by the WLAN. It aims to provide better control and utilization of resources on both radio links and increase the aggregate throughput, system capacity and will be transparent to the core network (CN). Specifically, the eNB controls the traffic steering decision based e.g., on UE measurements reporting, as well as feedback from the WLAN.

In this developed RAN level based LTE/WiFi offloading testbed, a UE can be connected to the OAI-LTE and to the WLAN simultaneously. A WiFi AP is connected to the OAI eNB server in order to offer simultaneous RAN level LTE/WiFi connectivity to the UEs. Moreover, the UEs are connected to the MCMT server in order to collect measurements regarding the achieved downlink throughput from both LTE/WiFi interfaces.