OpenAirInterface LTE Testbed

Description of OAI-LTE Testbed

This developed OAI-LTE testbed offers a complete LTE system with full capabilities. It is composed of an OAI eNB server that acts as an eNB that have functionalities such as:

  • Radio Resource Management, Radio Bearer Control, Radio Admission Control,
  • Connection Mobility Control, Dynamic allocation of resources to LTE UEs in both Uplink and Downlink (scheduling),
  • IP header compression and encryption of user data stream,
  • Selection of MME at LTE UE attachment,
  • Routing User Plane data to LTE SAE Gateway,
  • Scheduling and transmission of paging messages (originated from the MME),
  • Scheduling and transmission of broadcast information (originated from the MME or Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM),
  • Measurement and measurement reporting configuration for mobility and scheduling in LTE.

The OAI eNB server is connected by a USRP X300 that acts as a transceiver. It is also connected to an OAI EPC server that represents the core of an LTE network. It is formed by multiple nodes, the main ones being MME, SGW, PGW and HSS. This nodes offer multiple functionality like mobility management, authentication, session management, setting up bearers and application of different Quality of Services. The OAI eNB server is also connected to the MCMT server for monitoring and collecting measurements. It is also connected to a RADIUS server for seamless authentication of non 3GPP access. Moreover, a testing UE with a test SIM are used to connect with the developed OAI-LTE testbed.